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The gay guy


ho3 ho3 ho3
A widowed young lady owned a farm. Her husband had died and the woman couldn't handle the farm by herself so she was going to hire someone to help her.

The only job applicants were the town drunk and a new guy in town, who was gay. So she chose the gay guy.

They worked together for a week or so and got the farm back together. The woman was pleased with the work but was worn out, so she decided to give herself and her hired hand the night off.

Both went out separatly, she with her friends and he with his. But when the woman got home, he wasn't there.

When he finally came in, she told him, 'I'm your boss so you have to do what I tell you."

The gay guy said, "Okay."

So she said, "Take my shoes off," so he did.

She said, "Take my stockings off," so he did.

Then she said, "Take my dress off," and he did.

She said, "Take my bra off," so he did.

Then she said, "Take my panties off," so he did.

Finally, she said, "You leave this house wearing my clothes one more time and you're fired."

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