The game to beat all games!!



w00t. Thats all I have to say me loves FF7 I havent seen anything on the portable PSone got any links?


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Nintendo are gonna have competiton when Sony release the PSP, Nokia wont make a dent in the Gameboy market with the N-Gage imo, but Sony will


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N-gage sux0rs have u seen how you half to talk on that thing? ON ITS EDGE!!! thats right on the edge, you should look real cool talking on that phone. and for 300 bucks I rather have the psp since I have a phone and don't look 100% gay when I talk on it.


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Strange innit, its gonna ship at either £99 with a phone contract, or £299 without.

Compare that to the £85 price tag of the gameboy, and speculated £99 price tag of the PSP and I know which I'd look at straight away


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heh yeah, and its a 12 month minimum phone contract on top of the 99 so that adds up as well...

There a release date set for the PSP? Last I heard they were still planning the schedule for it
£99 is about equal to $164.16 as of today's exchange rates. At that price, even $159 US, it should sell well. If Sony could swing a $149 price tag, it would be better.


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Yup Jason is right. Its CG Krux and it comes out 2004 summer in Japan. Check it out here Magic Box
What I find strange is that Sephiroth is alive. Leave it to square to bring back the dead.

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