The fuzz is driving me nuts



I recently have moved my PC to a new location. Now i constantly get fuzz through my speakers ( on and off). Even with the volumn all the way down. I hooked a set of headphones up to my audigy card and I can hear it though there too. Im guessing its just static through the electric in the house. HOWEVER, my girlfriends computer doesnt get this at all and she has a basic sound card and basic speaker set up. I had read something on here when someone was picking up like CB conversations or something. I used to get that too at my old location. Is it indeed that the speaker cables OR the plug from the computer or something isnt grounded or shielded good enough? And does anyone know how to fix this? The speaker set up I have it the Cambridge 5 speaker system.

Would a nice APC box help this by filtering it out?


Someone else was receiving radio signals via their computer speakers. Search the other posts for a resolution offered, but I believe it involved some "alligator clips" of some sort from Radio Shack.


i know its not the card. I just changed to an audigy card. the previous one did the same an dit was sitting in a different PCI slot


Mute all the channels you're not using and try a different power outlet.


tried that. seems to be that when the furnace kicks on. I dont get it. My girlfriends PC doesnt do it at all and we are hooked up in the same room. hmm


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What frequency is this fuzz? Or is it a hum? If it sounds sorta like a low tone buzzing of a bee, it sounds like AC power interference, probably from the blower motor in the furnace you mentioned.

Try rearranging the speaker wires, the wires from the sound card to the amplifier section, and the power cord for the speaker amplifier (assuming they are of amplified type). Make sure they are away from any other power cords for the monitor, PC, etc.

If it still buzzes, try disconnecting the signal wire from the PC and if still buzzes, then the issue is either with the speakers or still the power interference. If the buzzing stops, the issue is coming from the PC (sound card).


sounds like EMI interference to me, does your case have any shielding?

I know most bog standard cases DONT have any kind of EMI shielding.

But it is part of the higher CE apporval, some number, I cant recall at the moment.

Take a trip to your local electrical store or hifi store and tell them you need some kind of shielding as you are getting EMI interference. EMI = Electro Magnetic Interference.


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