The Five Stages of Intel Macs

Hardcore Mac users strongly resemble a religious cult. Maybe this will bring light to the Mac evangelists minds; to "Think Different (sic)" for once in their lives.

As for me, I have an iBook that I love and a PC that I love. I don't bow at the throne of either.
Heh, everyone was getting all defensive and hostile on Neowin before the official announcement was made. Couple of people started throwing out personal attacks when I simply proposed the idea that realtime binary translation using QuickTransit might be the key for initial migration - "you must be on heroin," blah blah...

Then it was quite amusing when it came straight from His Steveness's mouth this morning. I posted in the thread asking for a response from the same guy, and was asked to "drop it" by one of the Mac moderators...presumably another one of those poor souls who was having a hard time swallowing his pride and dealing with the horribly depressing news. :D


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That is great. I am a Mac zealot, but I can see where Apple is going with this.

And i always believe in using the best tool for the job, Intel is the best tool for the job.
I really don't see that as being a problem either. Windows is still the dominant OS, and it runs on both Intel and AMD machines. There are a number of OEM's that still ship AMD-based systems. And you can build your own too. There's always a choice.


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maybe if they change their marketing to more cold climates , they can use the buy a computer, heat your house slogan.


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heh, with all this mac/intel hype i think they made the right move. Jobs has sucked all he can from IBM so naturally its time for them to move over to greener pastures.

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Well, if Mac OS runs on a PC (and I have seen some things online for getting OS X onto one), there isn't a real reason one couldn't add it to an AMD machine... Afterall, they both they and Intel use the x86 ISA...

Speaking of Mac zealots though, 2 things come to mind:

- Back around 1998 and the like, I had a few comments about Windows 95 and several of it's issues... To which I would get "well switch to a Mac...", followed by a myriad of "Mac is supperior, blah, blah, blah"

I replied and told them that if I were looking for another platform, I'd go with Alpha NT (Windows NT 4.0 on DEC Alpha, with FX! 32). This way, I wouldn't need a new OS, and given FX! 32, I could run much of my software that would run under Windows NT, without replacing it all...

What I found was about half the Mac crowd (knowing what the Alpha processor was) would be like "oh, well if I had a chance to run an Alpha, I'd switch in a heart beat. Loyalty only goes so far... Them Alphas own..."

The other half would be like "I don't know what a DEC Alpha is, but a Mac must be superior" :laugh:

- A Dilbert column where they suggested a new method of making electricity. A rep from the local power company goes to a Mac users meeting, stands up and suggests "PC's seem just as good as Macs, why don't we all switch?"

Then he stands up, opens the door where a whole array of wind mills are sitting in the hall. As they gab, they get to help generate electricity :D


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I've read that the newer Macs run hot. Man they are gonna be toaster ovens with an Intel inside. :p

But truely, it doesn't matter. It's a machine to do your tasks. A tool to do your bidding.

*runs for cover*


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I am in the Acceptance part now. I am kind of looking forward to it. Either way the macs will probably still be better, as Jobs said the soul of a mac is OS X. Thats the part for me that beats Windows, that and the fact that I can get nearly 6 hours of battery life out of my iBook when I only got an hour and twenty minutes out of my old laptop.

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perris said:
this is a marketing tool of intels since they are loosing the performance race...they will have to deliver
from a snippet on another thread, according to this article, the switch is mostly a marketing concept;

Why not AMD? Much of Apple's success is due to marketing and branding, not necessarily technological leadership. That should sound a lot like Intel these days, whose processors essentially lag behind AMD in terms of technology, but outsell AMD by huge margins, thanks to strong marketing and branding. The Intel brand is much stronger than AMD's, and that is the sort of partner that Apple is interested in.

in other words, marketing over performance...a dissapointment to me...and what I believe this is really about, a marketing tool for intel as follows;

Intel needs a partner like Apple. For the longest time, Intel has been promising usage models and concept PCs that we all wanted, but would never surface.


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If Apple keeps OS X proprietary and overprices it all, chances are their market share will remain the same paltry 2% or less anyway. Protectionism only goes so far...the long spiral to obsolescence.


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