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29 Jul 2002
More recently, November 28, 2006, lawmakers held a public hearing on a bill that would make Michigan the 12th state in the nation to legalize medicinal marijuana.
Governmental Operations Committee Chair Leon Drolet is doubtful the bill will make it out of the committee, “Next step is going to have to be citizen initiative because I don't believe that the legislature is going to address the issue."

Right now the bill (Michigan House Bill 5470) is still in the government operations committee. If the bill does not move forward during this session, the bills sponsor democratic representative Lamar Lemmons says he will re-introduce it in the next session when the democrats come into power.
The day before, November 28th, 2006, The Board of State Canvassers approved the form of a legislative petition proposed by an Eaton Rapids-based group backing a proposal to legalize the smoking and growing of marijuana for anyone over the age of 17.

The measure would make it legal for those 18 and older to use marijuana on private property. Those found using the drug in public would be guilty of a civil infraction punishable by a 50-dollar fine.

The measure also would allow people to grow marijuana at their residences.

Supporters of the measure must gather about 304-thousand valid petition signatures to get on the 2008 ballot.

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I doubt this will get passed but in my eyes I don't see why not. In Ann Arbor if you get caught its like $25 fine for first time getting caught,$50 for second and $100 for third or more and they are all civil infractions.

Anybody else hear about this and is it happening anywhere else?

Edit: The title should be The Fight for legalizing marijuana

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