The fastest SATA hard drive ever!

also helps if your running zfs ;) which you cant do on 32bit (well you can) but its not advised
Picked up a 150 GB model a few days ago.
Here is a single drive benchmark and it is pretty close to raid speeds.
Check out the CPU utilization.


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i always thought anything above 150 meg/sec was raid speed
Sexeh drive indeed - maybe I'll put that in the rig I build next summer :)
everyone that's considering getting one of these should check out the new ssd's that have been coming out.. wait better (even if only for OS and vital proggies)
Carpo: actually anything above 150 MB/s could basically be considered SATA 2.... since SATA 2's maximum bandwidth is 3Gb/s = 300MB/s
Here is one from two raptors Raid 0.

SSD is still too expensive although I have seem them in action when I was at Microsoft.


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that is pretty good

btw, i meant a small ssd (like 60gb) just for the vital stuff..
Yeah, a ssd is pretty sweet. I would like to have one of them myself. :)
i thought about getting one.... since like 32GB versions are getting kinda cheap-ish now (i say cheap-ish because you can't really say 32GB SSD for the price of 1TB HDD is "cheap").
Mb == Megabits
MB == Megabytes

Please, 800 Mb/sec is just 100 MB/sec. Read the article again, it specifically states 800 MB/sec. Now, that is more impressive.

I am not entirely sure what I would need such fast speeds for, at that speed the bottleneck becomes other parts of the system.
if i lived in the u.s., i would consider gettin one

they're not only super fast, but their access time is usually less than half a ms
and no need to defrag, hehe =]
its over 9000!! most PCs today well from what I see are 5000 or 7200... 10,000 :D nice
Wow, that's fast. But will it be THAT noticeable? I mean, will Windows actually be able to make use of its speed?

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