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23 Mar 2003
Heya everybody...

For my comp class I'm writing a paper on the effects of the internet on pop culture and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys. The topic is as follows:

"Write an essay in which you explore the influence of some aspect of the internet on our culture. You may select role-playing games, email, chat rooms, message boards, online shopping, or any other aspect of the Internet. Be sure to include information on which populations are most likely to participate, at what time most people are online for this activity, and the impact that heir internet time has on their lives. You can add to your paper by doing some library or interviewing friends and acquainteces to enchance your writing"

I'm (obviously) doing message boards and I would like your guys feedback if it's not to much trouble. Why do you feel drawn to message boards? What is the appeal of them? What time do you usually check\post to them? And finally, What impact do you think that Message Boards have had on your lifestyle.

Thanks for reading this and I appreciate everybody that helps me out :)

Just my $.02 worth.

The reason I frequent message boards is to solve my computer's technical problems when I don't know the answer and to give advice where I can. I find that people tend to be very helpful on-line and are really appreciative when you can solve a problem for them. I check and post messages most any time of the day that I have a spare few minutes to log in. Sometimes I just gotta take a break from my work, which is mostly typing reports these days (I'm an aerospace engineer)

Impacts? Hmmm. Not much impact on my lifestyle. I still do most of the things I usually do during the day. I don't stay on line for very long at one sitting. Just enough to read the new posts and see if there are any new jokes.

Hope this helps.
A lot of the reason why I came to message boards as well. Google searches are good, but nothing beats a real human to find a solution. I also like to share my own information and knowledge (if I can) to help people. The consolidated news and jokes also produce great entertainment and information.

I am sure that some people just post because they like posting, or they are addicted to their post count. I like how doesn't even display post counts. There are less posts, but there is less fluff as well. You don't have as many people wasting your time with useless replies when you actually have a serious question to ask.
Why do you feel drawn to message boards?
Any message board that I've been drawn to has been on account of wanting to learn something. For that reason, I am active on message boards that have a specific topic (technology, film, and cars in my case). I enjoy sharing my opinions/knowledge and learning from others as well. I receive great satisfaction out of contributing to a purpose and gaining knowledge in return.

What is the appeal of them?
I believe that all people desire community. I find a sense of community on this message board that I would unlikely find ordinarily. By participating on this message board, I communicate with people from many different countries and with different worldviews. This community is heterogeneous compared to the more homogeneous community that I live and work in, and I appreciate that very much.

What time do you usually check\post to them?
I normally read and post to this message board at night after school and work, or when I am working but not very busy (like right now). :) I read/post everyday unless I am out-of-town.

What impact do you think that Message Boards have had on your lifestyle?
I'm certain that I am more educated in specific areas than I would be if I didn't frequent this and a couple of other message boards. Because of my frequent participation in threads on the boards, I set aside time in my life to do so. Right now, I choose to spend time reading and posting on message boards at night before I go to bed. Someday, when I'm married, I'm sure that time will be shifted to give my wife attention instead. Still, I'm sure that I will find time in another part of my day to spend on these boards.
I'm sure that most people have a hierarchy of activities that they place importance on. Posting to message boards will be a higher priority for some than for others. Some will see it as an expendable activity, and so they may only be active for a given period. Others will be more committed and spend years as an active contributor. It all depends on how important that activity is to the specific person.

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