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6 Jan 2004
Whats the difference between an intel centrino and a normal intel pentium processor?

When it comes to prices with laptops, a centrino 1.4 ghz has a small price difference with a pentium 4 2.4 ghz. They all have the same specs and stuff. :confused: :confused:
The Intel Centrino concept is a package designed for people who rather have a laptop with a good amount of battery power than a power-notebook with 1 GB of ram, 3 GHz proc etc etc. 3 things are different from normal laptops:
The Intel Pentium Centrino CPU's are clocked at a lower rate to preserve energy. To compensate that, they have double the L2 cache a normal Pentium4M has, 1 MB instead of 512 KB;
The Intel 855m mainboard can handle the available battery power more efficiently
An Intel Wireless card has been added to the laptop (infact it's mounted on the mainboard).

So if you need a good laptop for office use and/or internet and you need the extra hours of laptop fun, go for a Centrino.
without looking into it i think centrino is the pick of intel chips that can run at lower wattages to give a better battery life ?
yeah the centrino is more battery friendly and so better for laptops ;) a 1.7 centrino still has all the power you need for games etc, but will work cooler and for longer than a 3.06 battery sucking p4 :D

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