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The following, I published last year(I'm a writer, if some of you didn't know), I also posted this on July fourth of this year on our still touches me, as I knew it would when I wrote these words

the day in the middle of September ;

These are now the new days of the rest of out lives

We, from here forward, must join our brothers, and our sisters, around the world, in everyday anticipation, at what might happen, to those that we love, or care about, on this day, or tomorrow, or the next day.

Yes...I remember the day that Kennedy died...
And I remember the day that Martin Luther died...
And I remember all the days that loved ones...died

But this day...the day in the middle of September, will live in the marrow of my soul, all the waking, and sleeping moments, for the rest of my time.


I'd like to share your thoughts as well...if you wouldn't mind, please post your feelings for me


dealer - well said (written)

Let me add a little something:

Please click here

I remember some of the flaming that went on during past threads on this topic.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to ask only those who wish to praise and honor those who have dedicated their lives "to the freedom and the safety of others" and care to remember those who have made the "ultimate sacrifice" respond to this thread.

In other words - if you don't have something supportive to add - please do not belittle us who feel strongly about "never forgetting"

Nuff said!

dave holbon

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Damnyank: -

You are not alone here, we will help, we will not forget as we get older, we don't hide behind politics or media control, we will remember and act when required.

Dave Holbon

Ex: UK Coldstream Guards.


The following is from "HealthyLife" - a newsletter I subscribe to - I found the last paragraph extremely interesting!

9/11 and America's Health
A year ago, hardly anyone in America worried about bioterrorism or the psychological effects that witnessing atrocities might have on the nation's children. Now hardly anyone doesn't think about such things, at least occasionally. How has 9/11 affected America's health? Here's what we found:

Cleaning Up New York
A year after the attacks, Manhattan is still cleaning up the ash and dust -- and environmental health concerns continue to plague the city.

Preparing for Terror
Faced with the escalating threat of bioterrorism, the Centers for Disease Control received $1 billion in additional funding last year, and an order from the President to get us ready. How are they doing?

Helping Kids Cope
Grownups know that hard times come and go, that even the darkest days pass. But we don't always convey that message to our kids.

When Will We Be Happy Again?
For some, the pain and loss of 9/11 will never go away. For others, the memories have already faded. But scientists studying happiness say the second group may not be much better off than the first. Human happiness, it turns out, is less an effect of cruel circumstance than we might believe. But it has everything to do with how we handle our hardships.


I just got an e-mail link asking for everyone to drive with their headlights on during the daylight hours tomorrow:

Look here

hey dealer - hopefully you'll get more responses once the statside folks get off work.

I figured "Uncle Tony's" followers would be responding right now as it is around 10 pm there!


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I Love NY. God Bless our country our families and friends and a special salute and blessing to all our service Men and Women.


I lived 9-11 up close and personal. I saw the once majestic 110 floor towers fall into a 4 story pile of rubble. I grew up with those buildings, I spent 16 years waking up every morning, looking across the hudson river and looking at the twins, shining in the morning sun. I remember the first time I went to the WTC when I was little, I gasped when i looked up and saw how small I was compared to those huge monsters of metal. I remember how everyone walking around seemed so happy and energetic. Its just a shame to have seen those buildings go down. Its an even bigger shame to imagine how it must have been for the people inside those buildings, wich from the 1st second, theyre destiny was written. They were bound to crumble and become the grave of nearly 3000 people. Even tho everyday i think about how horrible it must have been to be inside there on the top and know that all you could do was sit there and wait for death to come, but what consoles me is that atleast now everyone who perished there are in a better place. September 11, 2001 is a day in the US history wich will never be forgotten. Its the day our Nation was scared and the world was changed drastically.........

I've written alot and most you are pretty much bored of me now so all i can say now is this.....Pray. Pray that something like this never happens again to anyone, anyplace in the world. Pray that all of this evil and hatred can be abolished and we can all live in peace and not have to go thru this hurt. The last thing I can say is..............God Bless America, God Bless the souls of the hero's and civilian victims whom died on 9-11-2001- the day the world was changed, forever!

Signing off,


-In loving memory of all the lost lives on the terrorist attacks that took place on the US on 9-11, God rest your souls and may you all be in a better place-
yea it changed America, but was it mostly good changes? hell no.

I mean i feel sorry for the families and victims and every thing. and some of the people may have changed for good but i think a lot havent. Our government is fuggin retarded, Arabs have been discriminated against and racial profiled prolly more than a black person in cincinnati. I think are government is bs and seems to me to be the major cause of this whole predicament (or whatever ). But eh thats me, im just a little dot in the whole galaxy =/. I love the people tho. (some of them)


On the day, i said nuke em'. Just plain an simple, wipe the whole god damn lot out. Let them die. But then after i thought about it more, i thought... Nuke= Quick death, and those in the towers didnt enjoy that. Some of them did, those in the planes, and those on those floors hit. But imagine if you will, you are on a plane coming home from a business trip, to see your family, your kids. Now think of the terror those people must've endured. A nuke is far too quick for those heartless bastards. We NEED to round them all up, and torture everyone until they die a slow and very painful death. I personally would pay to see Osama die (PAY PER VIEW??)

Ya kill em all.


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OK, enough of this nonsense, like damnyank said, please keep to the subject, and this thread is for those who choose to mourn or have something positive to say.



I witnessed the September 11th Attacks on the World Trade Center first hand, through my school window. i was shocked and didnt know how to react, i had a feeling something like this was going to happen so i didnt really put alot of time into thinking about it. I am not traumetized in any way, but it was a shocking and sorry to say but COOL experience since i had no idea what was happening. IT seemed like a movie screen . It just didnt seem real, So to get on with the story on September 11th everyone knew were they were in what spot and never will forget. By the way POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! FIGHT THE RIAA, FIGHT THE MPAA FIGHT for your rights go out and vote!! make yourself count, be a true american.


Despite 9/11 being horrorific we have to unite more not separate STOP discriminating arabs and middle eastern people, thats what got us into this mess in the first place. and the changes are MOSTLY bad there isnt any good changes really. Think about it, economy in recession, stock market very unstable, lots of layoffs in many companies. Its all a dominoe effect and i also wanted to Mention fighting IRAQ is not a good thing, it might seem cool but were going to go into a deeper recession, gasoline prices will go up, we will lose more rights than we have and much more. You have been warned...


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Yeah Daviesbad04 I know how you feel. I remember my Mom taking me and my brother when we were kids to the towers to this day I cant think of words to express how I felt. I lived with my Mom in Riverdale and we had an apt on the 28th flr where I can see the whole Manhattan skyline and a view of the towers. *sigh* now there no more. Im sorry if this seems extreme but I really hate Bin Laden. My friend Tony A FireMan died that day and it really sucks. I also have friends in the military I havent heard from in years and I hope there all okay. I do not care if our oil prices go up or any of that **** (sorry). If dropping cluster bombs on Saddams palace will extinguish another Hitler from the world I say good riddance. My girlfriend got layed off recently and she is really upset. She has never been layed off and its something she has to cope with until she finds another job. Im by her side and will help her every step of the way. Alot of people are not that lucky to have someone to help them and that really sucks. Well take care everyone.


This is for the people on here whom seem to think that just by nuking every1 and by killing people who are muslims, or even look muslim is the way to go. Killing people just for the hell of it is not the way to go. By going around and killing every muslim or afghan we see, or by going to Afghanistan and Pakistan and dropping a nuclear bomb on them does not do anything. Just because we can doesnt mean we have to. There are good and bad people all over the world in every nation. Osama bin laden might be an evil guy and just cuz hes afghan doesnt mean every single person from afgahnistan is evil just like him. Thats like saying that just because you do a crime and your white, then therefor since im white as well im a criminal like you. Instead of going around saying stuff like that you should try to go around making peace. By killing every single muslim in the world is not gonna help anyone, Its not gonna bring back those nearly 3000 people whom died on september 11. Its also not gonna pull time backward and bring the towers back and erase this from all ours memories and hearts, and it will never erase the pain wich alot of us feel right now My personal opinion is if Osama did it, Get him and his whole coalition......and thats it. Get the people who are responsible for this and previous attacks, get people whom are planning future attacks and whom are evil but let the innocent civilians alone. By killing every muslim looking person we see were gonna send a message to the world that Americans are terrorists as well.

This is a day for mourning and rememberance, not a day for war. We must destroy those who are out there planning evil schemes on not only the US, but on the world. Terrorists are gonna be the reason for why someday there will be a WW3, therefor we must get rid of them before its too late. Its a big task, but nothings impossible. We must get rid of the terrorists for there to ever be any hope of peace in this world, because if we dont..............Humans will be the cause for the end of humanity itself.

God bless america


Hi dealer,

I have`nt forgotten, I have posted my tribute on "Tribute to 9/11"

But I will add it to this post.

The Final Call.

It calls but once a lifetime, no matter who you are,
The young, the old, the weak, the strong, the shining movie star.
It cares not who it chooses, it knows not right or wrong,
It singles out, we know not who, among the human throng,
Death is not a burden, that we carry through our lives,
We think we`ve often beat it, but we know we`re telling lies.
It takes away our loved ones, that we`ve cherished all our days,
It comes to us in many forms, and many different ways.
We seem to take it in our stride, and grieve those who have gone,
And memories of happiness are harnessed in a song.
We live those memories every day, we may not be aware,
But when we talk about them, then we realise we care.
The time must come to all of us, when we must cast away,
The earthly human mantle, that we carry every day,
Those loved ones that we leave behind, will grieve, and then go on,
As we did for those before us, and praise us in a song,
For all of us who leave this earth, upon deaths final pain,
Let no one tell you different, “HERE`S TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

Perris Calderon

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I'd like to thank those of you that payed respect to this day today, to this these people...

Let's also remember, respect is payed to all that love the taste of freedom...there was the attack you wasn't an attack on this land, it was an attack to each of us that live, and love the common man.

be well, all of you who claim membership to this brotherhood


Originally posted by dealer
please post your feelings for me
dealer - I noticed this last night and I almost cracked a joke - but thought it was not the time, nor the place - however - since you have thanked all our brothers so eloquently for the respect and love of country, etc. I hope you will consider the full intent of this thread met and let me finish off with the following:

dealer I really hate to tell you this - I do not , never had and never will have any feelings for you - you are just not my type!! HA!:D :D :D


Now that I cracked the joke - I also would like to thank everyone who stayed pretty much to the subject and were permitted to express their feelings and not get flamed for it (as they had been in the past)!

Just goes to show what a great bunch of folks we have at! Thanks!

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