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The Best Ubuntu Tweak. Ever...

One of the things that just never felt quite right to me was the quality of font rendering on my Linux setups. I've tried poking at nearly every setting in the GNOME fonts panel, but there was always something amiss.

Today, I stumbled onto what I think is one of the best tweaks for Ubuntu that I have ever seen. The patches were dead-simple to install, and the whole process only took a couple of minutes. And then, when the system came back up after the reboot, there was a look of utter disbelief on my face. It looked like someone had gone and replaced the laptop's screen. The fonts looked absolutely gorgeous!

If you have an Ubuntu box and an LCD display, you really want to install these patches...now. And if you're using another distro, find a way to do the same. Trust me, your eyes will thank you a million times over. :D


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There are patches in the linked site that allow any one using Cairo to patch it. Basically, best Cairo tweak ever. Hell, those .deb's will even work on Debian.

Bah, I hate the notion "The Best <something> Tweak."
Ubuntu is the only distro that looked choppy to me- BSD, SuSE, Knoppix, Gentoo all look great. Will have to try this new patch - thanks for the info NetRyder

Speedy - just find a computer recycling center near you, usually they will give you whatever you need for free or a small donation.:)


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Been meaning to try Ubuntu for a while, and with a month to kill before uni starts again, I guess this would be a good time :D
Been meaning to try Ubuntu for a while, and with a month to kill before uni starts again, I guess this would be a good time :D
If you download the Desktop CD, you can play around without actually installing it. Of course, there's a little "Install" icon on the desktop if you want to install it to disk. :)


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I really need a box for playing with Ubuntu on. Anyone feel like donating a cheap laptop? :p :D
what techno said is right - I bet this would run fine even on a PII with a bit of memory and boxen like that can really be had for free - I know I have made one or two from roadside finds so if you are prepared to keep your eyes peeled and also carry home the CRT when you find that you really have little excuse here (unless you are pushed for space and it HAS to be a laptop!).

But back to topic - I shall be trying this just as soon as I get teh time to reboot one of my boxes to Ubuntu (or get around to installing on daughters PII to prove my point about what it will run on!)...

Thanks for the post and reps to you [EDIT] aww shucks have to spread teh love first, will try to remember though when I actually have time to follow link! [/EDIT](I anticipate I will also be grateful for this, but noticed you mentioned LCD and wonder if it will be helpful with that PII which has a low grade Dell CRT (roadside find!) in use for the screen?)


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I can't seem to get them installed.

I get to this part...

sudo cp local.conf /etc/fonts

and then it says no such file or directory, what am I doing wrong?


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I am going to be slapping on Ubuntu on one of my extra drives soon.

Figured it should install fine.

Anyone wanna start up a thread for installation and all that jazz?

I am going to be have a 3 hdd setup (internal) and 1 external. Best practices and what not would be appreciated.

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