The best L.C.D or Plasma moniters?


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21 Jan 2004
Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my first post on NTFS I have heard nothing but good things about your crew. I am currently looking for a new moniter $ is not an issue Within reason id say max 3,000 I set it that high because I know that plasma and L.C.D moniters *good ones anyways* are expensive. I am looking for one that will suit my Gaming and T.V needs perhaps one with a T.V tuner in it. I dont know much about L.C.D or Plasma moniters but im looking for the best I have heard people talk about ghosting issues with L.C.D moniters Im not to sure if Plasma moniters have the same issue but I like them because of the space saving. Im looking for a 19" to 27" moniter any help would be much apreciated. As well im also looking for the best Plasma T.V, 30" to 42" I want both the best computer moniter thats ither L.C.D or Plasma and any help you can give me on Plasma T.V's
Thank you for the help :)


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8 Aug 2002
sorry i can't be much help in that area, but welcome to You heard right, everyone here is very helpful when someone does need help. i've been visiting this site... i'd say since not long after Windows XP came out. Really hope you enjoy it here.

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