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the best banner block?



How about the 'supertrick'? Consumes no resources whatsoever.

Check out:

Look at the supertrick, it'll give you an 'item not found' default page for every banner. It isn't perfect (you have to use edexter if you use the back button a lot), but consumes no resources whatsoever, just makes your computer think that every ad is located on your hard drive (and as they aren't IE won't ever be able to find or display them).

Good luck!
dont use any cuz all those ad banners actually slows down my browsing since i've got cable..but i have tried adshield, and that is by far the best ad banner prog. but i do use a pop-up blocker, and meya popup ad filter is the way to go...
why not use the host file trick.... you don't need to install anything.... just change the content of the windows host file...

read more about it here.... and they have also compiled a very comprehensive list of ad servers .... updated almost every week.



or if u got norton internet security 2002 i think thats got a ad blocker thingy hoo haa on it :p n if it aint blocked a ad jus drag the ad to the bin thing n then itl be permi block ;)
yeah.. probably you need something to block popup if you're using IE or Netscape.... i always use opera for my browsing.... opera have the option to refuse pop-up...

the good thing about the host file trick, it will work with every browser and application you have....

Perris Calderon

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ok, everybody pay attention...here's why adshield is probably the best choice

once adshilild is blocking the banner, it also give the banner space back to the browser, and the page has more content,
now, here's an example, I can even right click on the experience logo at the top of this page, I then highlight the entire url that pops up, add even the experience logo to the list, and not only is the logo gone, but I have an additional 1/2 inch of content on the web page, that combined with the actual banner that's also blocked, and there's about 3/4 of an inch more content on my web page then there is on your web page, I don't think other blockers do that much...especially for dialups, this amounts to faster loads, and then having to load fewer pages, since what your looking for might now be on the very page your reading, instead of the next page

Perris Calderon

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email me if you have trouble getting started...but first thing you'll get a kick out of, right click on the experience logo at the top of this page, then click on add to block list, a url will pop up, make sure the entire url is highlighted, instead of just a portion, click ok, and if put the check on the images portion where you configure adshield, the experience logo dissappears, and you have a half inch more reading to do on this page....another trick, when you right click on an add banner, the url is only partially highlighted, if you save the partial highlight, as it is, then every add from that add mill will be blocked, and not just that particular banner...very cool...in order to configure addshield, it's in the browser, so customize the tool bar, and add the adshield logo to the tool bar, then just doubleclick on the button, and the configuration tree pops up...


Confused and Bewildered
i love adshield more and more every day :)

funny, although i've done it to many other websites, i have always let xperience logo show...until now...like it but always found it too big and thanks for the prod, dealer

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