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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by OTE, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. OTE

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    ......which hard drive to choose. On the 15th of this month I will have to make a choice between either:
    1) Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 8Mb Cache 120Gb ATA133


    2) WD Caviar 120Gb 8Mb Cache ATA100

    I have a Maxtor drive right now which will become the OS and related Apps only drive, the other will be for games and errrr....other things that I aquire ;) :D I there any real reason to go for one drive over the other, or shall i just go with Maxtor as I have never had a problem with them before.
  2. dubstar

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    Southern California
    i say maxtor, not only because i havent had any trouble with mine, but its ATA133, which means its faster.

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  3. toxicity

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    # 1)

    just as dubstar said, ata133. Also, You will have both hdd same brand which means you shouldnt get any compatibility issues like i get, lol
  4. Taurus

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    yeah, the maxtor is ata133, but that really doesn't mean much when it comes to real-world performance. i will say that i've seen more people complaining about failing wd's than maxtors.

    maxtor says their diamondmax plus 9 drives have a <9.4ms seek time... and wd claims an 8.9 read and 10.9 write seek time.

    though i don't know how much credit i'd give these numbers since they are from their respective manufacturers. your best bet would be to look around for reviews... especially for ones comparing these two drives. if you still can't decide, i'd go with the maxtor for reliability's sake.
  5. Yngwie_II

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    Maxtor drive man.
    1. ata 133
    2. access times.
    3. Support.
    4. Performance keeps steady, doesn't slowly get
    messed up like with my WD last year.

    I own a Diamond max plus 9 80gb 8mb buffer ata 133
    and it rocks, only i have the old revision but don't
    worry about that.
  6. rettahc

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    I say Maxtor. I've had alot of bad experience with WD in the last year and ahalf.
  7. OTE

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    Thanks for the replys, Maxtor it is then.
  8. Tearz

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    I bought the 80Gb diamondmax Plus9 drive myself and have been pleased with it so far.

    If i'm not mistaken does the 120Gb not come with Serial ATA also? it comes on my 80Gb
  9. Zedric

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    Maxtor. I've had some shaky experiences with the new WD:s. Haven't tried Maxtor but having heard nothing bad about them, at least that's better. :)
  10. jonifen

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    Yeah, I'd recommend Maxtor aswell... since they took over Quantum's HDD section, their own HDDs have improved a lot (I even have 2 myself lol).
  11. GoNz0

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    I have 5 maxtor installed at the mo, i push sales of maxtor at work as well.

    1 very good point with maxtor is the advanced RMA,

    within 72 hours they have a replacement drive at your doorstep. and you dont have to return the faulty drive before they ship a replacement. :) so if its a smart error you get your new drive to do the data transfer, then send em the knackerd unit.
  12. Henyman

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    Maxtor:cool: i got 1 now + love it, absolutly no problems + quite
  13. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    the 200gb drive comes in both PATA and SATA versions. so i would think they're all like that.