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The Adventures of the Dirty Gnome (HL2 - Ep2)


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There are other threads out there with the travels of the Gnome through the game :)

I have decided to play through Ep.2 again and post the blog of the Gnome as he traverses the maps. This will likely be episodic as there is no way in hell I am going to complete the game in one shot AND take screenshots AND caption my work :)


This is purely fictional and for amusement :)

Part 1.

Oh Hi! Here I am chilling with my beer, indulging in debauchery.

Oh Hi Buttocks! This is much better than my beer.

Oh Hi Gordon! Let's wave to that friendly Hunter up there.

Oh Hi Hunter! Get away from her bewbies. THEY ARE MINE!!!

Oh Hi Alyx! Drink!!! Drink the water of life.

Oh Hi Vortigaunt! Let me help you carry those bewbies.

Oh Hi Gordon! While you were slacking off, I took care of these beasties with this chair I randomly found.

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