that program which shutdowns copmuter automaticly...??


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what do you mean shutdown automatically? if you mean turns the comp off after it's fully shutdown it's part of the ACPI spec

just make sure you have APM or ACPI enabled in your bios and have windows XP set to use power options and your good to go :)



and i want my copmtuer to run off like when its idle for abuot 4 hours or somthing

because its ALWAYS on, and it needs to be shutdown every little bit


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Check your bios to see if you have power management options, if so turn them on. windows will then use those abilities to automatically turn off the comp after shutdown

as for turning off the comp after a certain idle time you'd have to find a comp program to do that, windows will turn off the monitor and HD's but not the whole comp

my comp has currently been on for three weeks and 4 days woohoo :)


i wish i could do that

but my computer has been freezing lie every hour, thats why i want it to turn off when i have to leave quickly...

and mayb eit can get some "rest" and not freeze every hour



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If your comp is freezing everyhour you might wanna look into the cause of the freezing rather then "letting it rest" Have you made sure your mobo and all components are fine and not overheating? and have you tried a fresh install of XP?

I have yet to ever have XP freeze on me, I've gotten a blue screen now and again during my first few installs and such, but never just a freeze and lockup. Only time i've seen that is when my friend had his Geforce 3 a lil too overclocked.


i really think it's my RAM since it started a lil' while after i got my RAM upgrade to 386MB, but i did get it replaced, it stoped...but a little while lter it started freezing every hour...

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