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That cable thingy...

On newer PSU:s there is a cable with a 3-pin connector, just like a fan connector. On mine it has a a yellow and a black lead, one on each end of the connector with the middle empty.

So the question is what is this cable? I have two ideas:
1. PSU fan monitor cable. Just RPM lead and ground lead. Used for monitoring the PSU fan speed.
2. Mobo suicide cable. 12V lead and ground lead. Usage is obvious.

So which one is it? I'd like to know before I plug it in... ;)

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its most liekly a fan speed indicator

lol you could build a whole network of computers switch on the power wah la.... instant suicide pact


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yup its a sensor cable, had 1 in shop a few months ago. the 1 i saw had an earth cable as well, i thought it was a little strange, but yellow is sensor.
nope its a special cable, if you dont like the mobo jsut plug it in and watch the fireworks *best experienced with all lights out*
Originally posted by GoNz0
the 1 i saw had an earth cable as well, i thought it was a little strange, but yellow is sensor.
Well in order to get any kind of reading from a signal you need the signal (yellow) and a reference (ground). Just one lead won't do, even if one would think it could use some other ground from the PSU as ground.

So basically I guess I can plug it in, right? :)
(I just hope the 12V is in the center which is empty...)
Have you ever considered putting a volt meter on it? They sell them for 6 bucks at radio schlock and auto parts stores.

Failing that short the yellow and black lead. If the power supply shuts down it was a power lead. If the power supply catches fire it was a power lead and a really ****ty power supply (in which case burning up was a good thing).
Re: Re: That cable thingy...

Originally posted by taurus
were you serious? i mean... what would be the real point of that? :confused:
It would make people understand what "This should be professionally installed" means.... :D

No I wasn't really serious, I just thought it might be a 12V supply for *something*. I didn't want to chance it... :)

I'll try the volt meter. *doh* :)

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