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That annoying >2GB bug (vista 64 sp1)

So I installed the new powersupply today, turned it on and get the vista >2GB bug (0x0000007e). Should this still be happening with SP1 installed? Seems to only do it when the PC is cold.

Any other hotfixes I can try and install?


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could be related to your bios? maybe switching to default settings on the bios if it has not been tweaked. and see if the HD is still making the noise.

Maybe switching out the HD with a different one to verify if it is not faulty?

I'll have a proper look at it when I finish work. Didn't really want to have to replace hard disks as well as the other spending I just did..

Edit: hmm don't actually need too.. sound is getting progressively worse...

Edit 2: this is irritating. It's intermittant. Short disk tests come back fine.
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try long smart tests, or try tighten the fixings, that was an issue i had with a noisy drive once - lose screw
well strangely enough it zero filled without fuss, installed windows without fuss and is now doing windows update without fuss.

I think it was just jealous of the attention paid to more glamourous parts of the computer :D

I'll certainly be keeping an eye on it though :)

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