than ugly "thumpk" sound

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
you know if you highlight a favorite in ie, then hit enter, it will click and "thumpk"

anybody know how to turn that "thumpk" off?...I like the ckick, but I hate the thumpk
kill ie as a sacrafice to the mozilla gods? :p
toretto said:
check your sounds in the control panel.
thanx toretto

I can't find which catagory it would be in...I don't see anything for internet explorer
It's in sounds control panel it will be under windows Default beep.

I think this is what your looking for? :)
you were right bush dogg

it's the default beep...I changed that, but what I really want to do is eliminate it from the enter keystroke when I'm in ie.

if you push enter, it clicks, which I like, PLUS it gives the default beep.

so now I've changed that, but I would ratrher keep the default beep ugly, and eliminate it from the favorites tree

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