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TFT Trouble

A friend gave me a 15 inch Mitac LC552 TFT he told me it was working but not used it for a few months, but only problem is he somehow smashed the power supply while moving house :( .

So tried my power supply, same voltage and DC plug and polarity as mitac and the monitor powers up for about 5 seconds then powers itself off, the power led goes off , So I'm unsure if the monitor is working properly or not.

Also can anybody tell me what power supply I can use without having to buy a stupid overpriced one from the makers.


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do try the makers anyway - if they tghink you bought the screen they may be more reasonable than you think about the PSU...

Also how old is it? If less than three years and defective your friend can probably get an onsite as new replacement!
Unfortunately the 3 yr usual warranty is out, and can't seem to find anything on Google in the UK as far as power supplies goes and the makers site doesn't look too helpfull.

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