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I found the increase text size button but when ever I got to a different page or close and open a new browser it reverts back to the normal text size is there anyway to keep the size increased?


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Type about:config in the address bar, I am sure there is a font setting that you can manually adjust and save.

I am at work and removed FF2 from my work notebook (can't access half my internal sites with it :( it's useless) so I can't tell you which setting to use.

G.luck and post whatever workaround you used.


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I found all the text size's you can change so I increased them by 10 the only site that showed any change was google are sites able to over ride text size changes?


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Well in options under content I found what you have to do. You have to select the disable websites from using there own fonts. This however makes most sites look a bit ugly so I saw an addon called squint no more someone linked going to give it a shot and hope it allows websites to keep there fonts.


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Theres the link for anyone else who might need it. Ill tell you how it works after i mess around with it.

Well with just a few clicks I was able to increase the size for all websites while keeping there text and there layouts so i have to say its a nice little addon for anyone else who is running high res on a smaller screen and having a hard time seeing there sites. You can change it to increase the size on all sites or you can define how large you want to increase the text for different domains so you can tweak every site you go to a bit different if some already have large enough text.

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