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Test updates for Win7

unlikely, nothing changed. Updates have been pushed out to 7 by windows update already.

People are blowing this way out of all proportion.


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Yea same, did not notice any changes.

PS, when win7 RC or the next step comes out (though I think to new versions are already out above 7000) is it going to be like an update, or do you have to reinstall windows?


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7032 is out, it is rc1. And from what I gather, you can't upgrade to it. It is only for the paid subscribers?

I read that they will be pushing some test updates to see if everything works ...


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Johnny, i haven't seen anything about a build 7032, and RC1 is slated for i believe an April 10th release..... so i highly doubt that even if 7032 is out there (i know 7022 is), that it's actually RC1. That'd be a rather tiny build jump between beta and release candidate (7000 to 7032)

In comparison, Windows Vista Beta 2's build number was 5384. Release Candidate 1 was 5600.

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