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Terminator K7 DDR - Power Off Issue


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Wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I've been building computers for a couple years now for fam and friends but haven't built one in a while (been using a laptop and its no fun keeping up on the latest hardware when you can't use it)...

Building one now for my brother with the following:

Asus Terminator K7 DDR Barebones System
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ CPU
768 MB of Viking DDR PC2100 RAM
60 GB Maxtor Hard Drive

I installed everything and try to boot up, the system turns on long enough to get into the BIOS menu and let shuts down. If I try to turn in back on within an hour or so, it doesn't even get that far. The system is booting from a completely cold state, so I doubt its a over heating issue. Did notice in the hardware monitor section of BIOS that the CPU fan was running "out of range" faster than it should have I guess.

Any suggestions?? Bad motherboard?


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