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Terminal Dialer?

Hey guys.

Is there a program that can be accessed via terminal that can call landlines through a built in modem?

Ive been googling all day, haven't found a thing except telnet, which I think has nothing to do with this.

I was just playing around with the osx terminal today, and I thought it would be neat to turn this old mac I had in the garage into a phone... So I started searching on google and found nothing, it would be neat if it gave me a prompt for a number and upon entering it would just make the call through its built in modem.

I guess there is really no point in it, although it would be a pretty cool phone :p

I'll see what I can find with hyperterminal


EDIT: Well... I am trying to setup ZTerm, which is like a HyperTerminal for Mac - only when I make the connection, its data only. I guess this may be more complicated than I though at first - This program will need to somehow be connected to the modem, and work through the mic/speakers of the comp. On older modems, it will probably let the sound come through its internal speaker, but the mic will be trickey.

All in all, if anyone knows of a program that already does this please let me know.
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I haven't used a dialup faxmodem in years but they all used to have phone dialers included in their software package.

Open the address book, click on the number and the phone is dialed. If you have the internal speaker turned on you hear the dialing. You can also have the speaker set to stay on after connect and hear the person say hello. Then pick up a normal phone to talk.

Any freeware faxmodem software should do this. There should be tons of sjust dialers on google.
LeeJend - I have found a few *dialers* , however none that work directly through terminal/console interface. This was the whole idea behind this project.

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