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ten best of the decade nominations please

Perris Calderon

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please post your "best of the decade" nominations, mods will consider and post

this includes anything you can come up with

best movie

best album

best tv show

best car

best computer

best comic

best whatever you want to post, have fun, double nominations will be considered votes for that "best of"

I'm gonn start with;

"best sports car value of the decade" (tee hee)

solstice gxp...the silver one because that's the fastest color, that's why they have a name called "quick silver"

anyway, have at it
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Perris Calderon

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Re: ten best of the decade nominations plesae

I hate to say it because I am a windows guy but

"best mobile phone" = iphone

second best would be (imho) windows mobile

followed by a comer too late to the party, android, followed by blackberry

I think android is going to have a chance to dominate this decade but they weren't here long enough to develope for last

I think blackberry might possibly be ahead of the android, your opions will affect final talley


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best rpg: baldur's gate 2 :D

best movie: memento (if not best ever)

best tv show: arrested development

mm.. best gadget: ipods?

and.. i think in the best graphics card category, the 8800gt should be the winner :] fast and so cheap!


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well... shadows of amn came out in 2000

like D2.. but i know no one would take me seriously if i said that one :D

Perris Calderon

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anyone want to suggest best movie or album?

I'll nominate best musical on silver screen, that being Chicago

best musical on broadway was for me lion king


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mm, best album

checkin my itunes, most albums i got from the last decade seem to be anthologies and best-of's ;D

anyway, best album.. 'boys and girls' by ingrid michaelson

best non-mainstream album... 'bathos' by aarni

btw, why so very lil ppl are posting here? i'd love to hear what others think it was best


Stranger Than Fiction
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I wasn't going to get involved but Chicago... SERIOUSLY???

The songs suck so its not a good musical and the story and acting were garbage so it's not even a good movie.

Best musical ... Moulin Rouge.

Best movie. God that's a tough call. There Will be Blood and No Country for Old Men might go down as 2 of the greatest films ever, I'd have no problem with Memento being up there as well. Can't leave out some of the great work from Pixar either. Up, from this year was fantastic. I'd have to put Lord of the Rings up there too, but do you go with all three as 1 epic work or do you try to pick an individual film? That's almost impossible as everyone has a favorite in the trilogy. I'll have to think about this one a bit more.

Best TV Drama. I would vote for the Sopranos but technically it's from the 90's since it premiered in 99. I never saw the Wire but I've heard great things. I'd say House or early seasons of 24 would work.

Best TV Comedy. another vote for Arrested Development.

Best Album. Funeral by Arcade Fire.


I can't believe I forgot The Dark Knight. That might be my choice for best of the decade.
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best movie: best comedy would have to go to "Hangover" as I haven't laughed at a movie that much in well .. probably more then a decade. :)

best album: Into the Wild (movie soundtrack from 2007) - written and sung by Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam

best tv show: Dexter - but comedy would probably be American Dad :)

Evil Marge

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One of the hottest TV show for years now has been NCIS.
Oooh I love NCIS.

Can't give best movie as I don't watch them,
My best album would be Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces by Seether
My best tv Ashes to Ashes
My best gadget iPod Touch
My best games console Nintendo Wii and best game would have to be Boxing :laugh:

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