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Temperature Question


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This pc is in the basement, coolest part of new condo, temp readings show different readings in 3 programs? 50 for cpu in motherboard monitor, and 29 for system, in sisoft sandra, 28 for system, 31 for cpu, 55 for power/aux temp(whatever that one is) and Gigabyte's Easy tune 5 hardware monitor shows cpu at 55C, which one is the right one? or which one do I believe.
Actually the manufacturers program is number 2. Read the temperature in the bios setup program. That is most likely the correct one.


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I did look in the bios, it said around 47C..System temp 26-27C. So I guess that one is right, i don't know why Windows programs see CPU temp up in the 50's for. But machine seems to be working great, very fast, and very responsive. Minus a problem with a game I hope to solve with reinstall of it, says invalid CD-key, yet I own the game.

Shop did a repair install of XP when they installed new motherboard and video card.
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Keep in mind that after Windows loads, it might be running a bit hotter then when it's in the BIOS. If it's about the same, I'd take it.

Also some software which is running in the background can affect this also... They had a report back in the earlier days of Einstein@home (a distributed computing program on the BOINC platform) that it made people's CPUs run hot. Beta testers were asking for a throttling program to prevent the process from taking 100% of the CPU to help alleviate this...

If it's about the same, I'd take it. On the second group though "28 for system, 31 for cpu, 55 for power/aux temp(whatever that one is)" it almost sounds like the 55 should be the CPU, and perhaps some numbers were backwards in the display? Reversing those 2 values, and all 3 progs would be about the same (and slightly higher then looking at it in BIOS itself)...

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It all comes down to how each probe is addressed, some programs could read the right temp but label it wrong.

All depends on the manufacturer, they may assign the CPU probe a different address. I usually use the BIOS' stat page to get a feel to which temp is which.
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