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Temp Probs


Smokin & Jokin
I'm getting crashes in 3D applications like CS:Source, HL2, NFS:U2 pretty
much as soon as I start playing. I formatted thinking that this would fix my problem. I was wrong. I'm beggining to think its heat issues.

Idle, the temps sit at:

CPU: 55'C/131F
M/B: 28'C/82F
Graphics: 70'C

These increase when in game. Would this cause my system to lock up?
Yes. What is the temperature in your room?

My CPU hits 55 at full load, and I consider that high; yours probably isn't getting hot enough to cause too many problems, though. Looks like the video card is probably causing the lockups. Make sure the heatsink and fan on the video card are clean and the fan is spinning.


Smokin & Jokin
Dunno room temp but my case says 84.5'F.
Your right Unwonted, its probably the gfx card overheating. Any tips on how I could stop this?
LocKStocK said:
Dunno room temp but my case says 84.5'F.
Your right Unwonted, its probably the gfx card overheating. Any tips on how I could stop this?
Cleaning (easy), checking fan operation, replacing paste (not as easy, especially if they used a thermally conductive glue to stick it down).


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Make sure of all your fans before you condem one or another. Pull the side panel off and see if running like that helps the temps come down. Also visually look at all the fans in the case, the PSU and the Vid Card while everything is running to see if the fans are working. Also with the panel off you can see if the Vid Card fan is at full speed while running games and the temps go up under load.


Smokin & Jokin
I tried taking the side off and I've now turned my PC round so its got a cool breeze coming from the window.

Temps have decresed slightly, but its enough to stop the stuttering in games.

CPU: 52'C
M/B: 20'C
GFX: 67'C


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70c for a 9800 is pretty high, but your cpu should not be that hot. gpus can run pretty toasty but cpus should be kept cool. If you want to really cool your gfx down, get a Arctic cooling silencer for you 9800. And if you want a better cpu, try investing in a better HSF. I personally like Arctic cooling, and would try to get one of their HSF.


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I would shut down remove the CPU heat sink and fan assy. Clean off all the old thermal paste/pad or whatever it may be. Put on some Arctic Silver 5 as to instructions and then reinstall HS&F then reboot and let it run it's course. Just keep monitoring the temps. Also is there an expansion card rite below the vid card? Sometimes a card can be a wall as to air moving around the AGP slot. It's one thing I have always hated as to the design of MoBos. If you do have a card there, move it down one slot and leave the slot opening (from where you removed the expansion card) open/uncovered so it can vent through it.

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