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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gouk, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Gouk

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    Are these folders in the right place because I don't remember them being there before...
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    seems ok
  3. delete it and see it something's wrong, it might just be replaced on next boot
  4. Gouk

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    The reason why I am suspicious of this is because I am sure these folders were not in the Temp directory but the Temporary Internet files directory and around 5 days ago if I downloaded something and opened it instead of saving it I got a blank zip file as if there was no temp file to store the temp file.

    Where should these folders be located.

    Can some other XP user check where they are on their PC?
  5. Gouk

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    Ok, thanks catch23.
  6. dijital

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    everytime you create users, they'll have their own folders like that also.
  7. yoyo

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    I have at least the Temporary Internetfiles and the History folder in my Temp directory not the Cookie one. They were not allways there. (Creation day may31st). Anyway there is nothing in it apart from some desktop.ini's. Some time ago I had a similar problem with a blank zip-file until I realized that I didn't clear the cache for a while, I did it and everything was okay then. So just a rude guess perhaps these folders get created if XP has no space to store things in their proper folders.