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I'm trying to compile a list of temp file and unnecessary file extensions that are universally safe to delete.

Let me show you what I've come up with so far. Maybe you could give me some feedback on what I have listed here, and also input on extensions I could also include. Thanks. :)





Thanks maddmatt. That's the kind of feedback I was looking for. I didn't know that about the .png extention. I'll take that one off.

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They are sometimes used by multiple-archive RAR files

png is an image format, kinda has the benefits of gif and jpeg, may be abig contender one day.

Be careful deleting .bak as I know deleting one will break office (tho this may be a bak on the cd, as I use a slipstreamed update from my HDD)

.sav - wanna delete those Half-life quick saves? :D


Thanks guys. Looks like I'm going to have to rethink this list. Most of what I have here was gotten from a list our friend Dirk Diggler had. I just assumed with his expertise all would be well by deleting them.

Here was his list:

Here is a list of files I always search for and delete from my hard-drive:-

*.000 = Sequentially Numbered Backup Files
*.001 = Sequentially Numbered Backup Files
*.002 = Sequentially Numbered Backup Files
*.1st = Information (e.g., README.1ST)
*.b~k = Backup file
*.bak = Backup file
*.bmk = Help Bookmark
*.cam = Casio camera graphic file
*.cb = M.S. Clean boot file
*.cfg = Configuration file
*.chk = Chkdsk / scandisk output file
*.da1 = Registry backup file ??
*.da2 = Registry backup file ??
*.doc = M.S. Word document (obviously not the ones created by me)
*.ftg = Windows Help Full-text Search Group File
*.fts = Windows Help Full-Text Search Index File
*.gid = Windows Help Index File

*.ign = ignore text file ? ?
*.ink = Pantone Reference File
*.lgc = Program Use Log File
*.lge = Windows application log, used for optimizations
*.lic = License File

*.new = New Information file
*.par = Fractint Parameter File
*.prf = Preferences File
*.prv = PsiMail Internet Provider Template Previous Version
(used for files that change)
*.pvt = Local Fidonet Pointlist
*.old = Old Version (sometimes used as a backup indicator)
*.out = Outlines or Output File
readme = basic information file
*.syd = Sysedit Backup File
*.tmp = Temporary File

*.$$$ = Temporary File
*.~mp = Temporary File
*.~* = Temporary File
*.*_ = Files ending in _ are often compressed install files of the same
name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)

*.chm = Comiled HTML Help file
*.cnt = content files for the help index
*.hlp = Help file
I personally delete these because I never use Windows Help files,
they just don't do what they say.

The above list is my list of deletable files,
your system may require some of them.
Do not rush headlong into deleting files.
If you do delete them try keeping them in the Bin for a few days.

Our friend Psychogeek added this for consideration:

the 3 on the list that i would avoid removal without checking of is

.prf - adobe premere preferences files ,
completly removable but you would lose your settings,
which would revert to filling your c: drive with video caps and temps

.cfg - config files for many programs, MOST wouldnt have any negative
from re-setup, unless of course you didnt KNOW they were deconfigured.

.log - as explained earlier, this would remove the capacity to UNINSTALL
some programs, mostly old poorly installed ones to begin with,
but it could kick you in the teeth LONG after deletion,
wondering why now you have to do a seek and destroy to remove
the program.

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