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I have 10 NT workstation pc's in my lab area that i'd like to move to XP. One problem though is that the software that is being used calls a telnet session to connect to Xyplex Terminal Servers. The terminal server will only take the telnet from NT 4.0 no other os, something with compatabilty on the terminal server (we have tried all of the os's and it breaks the terminal server). My question is can I take the telnet off of NT 4.0 and put it on XP, also what other files will I need to accomplish this?
grrrrrr...I keep getting logged out of the site!
Anyways no you can't I already tried that.
I used to add the i386 folder to windows 95 many years ago from an NT disk but I can't seem to remember where the setup is. Anyone remember or have some documentation? Thanks again.

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