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telephone navigation revue

Perris Calderon

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I have a great gps but my 6800 just had a rom update that gives me gps and I'm giving it the free trial thing

I have to say, I wouldn't have thought the gps system used with a phone would be so accurate but this is right on the money

the screen is sweet, a very nice 3d map and I had it running concurently with my huge tom tom 920, a gps with twice the screen and to be honest, the added screen size is not that big a deal

directions were identical but the phone has real time traffic and tom tom has to use an fm antenae that isn't too convenient

the only thing that's better on the stand alone is recalibration, on the tom tom it's instant but on the phone the unit has access the central computer so that takes time

let me tell you, if you don't have a gps but do have a smart phone, give the service a trial before you buy a stand alone, you might never get that stand alone, this is much better then I would have imagined
I agree. I've got a Blackjack II and Garmin Mobile and absolutely love it. When I'm driving it sits securely in a little phone holder velcroed to the dash and I have no problems seeing the screen or hearing the directions. And since it's on my phone I can (and have) planned routes from work or somewhere else and had it all ready to go when I got to my car.
I am recently trying it out for geocaching which is fun so far and works pretty well. Live Search Mobile and Google Maps on a GPS enabled phone are very useful and fun to use too.


i used to use tom tom, but since getting the nokia n95 8gb, the tom toms been gathering dust in a drawer.. with A-GPS enabled it locks on in under 8 seconds, awesome fast gps, (nice 5mb camera too which geotags pics)

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