telephone line problem?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by fantasi, Sep 7, 2004.

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    hi, i just came back from australia where my 56k can get up to 50k on connection. And now im back in my folks place in Brunei(asia, near singapore =\) and i can only connect it at 26.6. i went to the webpage of brunet, our provider here and in one of the faqs, this is what it says,


    I only get > 33.6 connects on my K56flex modem rarely, why?
    Source: Ascend Communications, Diamond Multimedia
    Take a look at the output from "AT&V1" (on Rockwell-based modems), specifically:

    Line QUALITY................ 015
    This is an error detection device for the phone lines. 0-20 is good conditions, 21-40 is Ok to average and above 40 is bad. Normally, if you have 25 or higher, it's going to be tough to get a 56k connection. This number does vary from connection to connection though.

    how do i check the line quality of the phone, is there a program where i can test this?
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    Probably the best way would be to call up the phone company and ask them to test your line for you. I'm rather certain they can do this from the office and won't have to come out or anything... Also, if you pick your phone up and hear noise over the receiver, this would be indication of a line noise problem.

    But if you're connecting so poorly, line noise would be a first stop to check...