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Tech Support Jobs?


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I've found myself in a position where I've thought about looking for tech support jobs, and the most "visible" places, granted, are those jobs within the retail places (i.e., Best Buy, Circuit City, Gateway, etc.). I don't know how many people here have an opinion on this subject, but what are these places like and how well do they pay? If these places suck, do any of you have any suggestions?

(FYI, I can repair hardware and software issues, along with installing home networks and PC building. I'm also pretty good at telling other people how to do this stuff on their own.)

Thanks in advance...

I dunno, I saw an ad on a web hosting forum and 2 months later was working in a datacentre in london, not that hard when you stop looking really..


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Have you thought about (maybe) offering yourself for hire to those less savvy that want their home setup with wi-fi and mabe a media centre PC or suchlike and need to hire someone to do it?

In the UK we fidn people like that placing cmall ads and offering their services, also even to repair broken down PC's - either on site or not.

Just a thought - best to get experience and this would also get you lots of experience of dealing with the great public at large - very valuable that.

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It's a growing market definatly.
A nasty circle tho, you either need experiencing to get a job and obviously a job to get experience.


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Melon, I got all my experience, by working in 1-2 yr old start up companies, in my own experience they tend to look for people who know about computers but don't really have any formal qualifications. This is who i have always worked for and i love it mostly because you get to do everything, from fixing printers to installing whole networks. Its a shame you live in stonehenge, perhaps you need to think about moving to london or some other big city or at least living near one.


a good places to start, also surprisingly the job centre is a good place to start as smaller companies will post there.

Another avenue could be a college campus, or the county or city, usually most of these places outsource dumb fools, but that means the person doing the job does not need to know so much.

Hope this helps


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old skool subscription here

you should be able to fill out something to subscribe or at least check their site - and they still get jobs and a weekly email can be sent out and they also have links to agencies and such....

If you really are near stonehenge can't EP chuck some OSNN work your way if revenues permit :p

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