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Although I appreciate that this topic might be slightly off topic, I hope some of our tech guru's might be able to assist.

I am into flying a high tech 747 Flight sim and have a gameport version of CH Products Flight Sim yoke with rudder pedals. I am running Xp and CH products have advised that drivers for above yoke will not be available for 4-6 months (slack I believe). They provided option using win 2000 drivers but some of the buttons on yoke are non functional using 2000 drivers. They have released USB drivers for above yoke and I suppose you know what my question is.

Is there a program, device or whatever that would make/fool my gameport version into thinking that it is a USB device. Or is there some workaround that might resolve the problem.

Many thanks for your time and hope you and your family have a great and safe 2002.




Thanks for that, I posted there as I thought it might get more exposure. The yoke and pedals cost approx $750AU. I think I will wait.

Would something like this overcome the problem?

As you probably guessed, a computer tech wizz I am not.




Thanks for your imput and advice. I will think about it unless someone comes up with a solution.



Interesting drama's there mate....

what about a totally different spin on your problem...

Firstly, how big is your HDD & how much space do you have free?

I assume you only recently upgraded your o/s from whatever?
If you previously had installed 98 SE, get your hands on a copy of system commander 2000 which will allow you to have up to 100 operating systems on your PC..(Hard drive space allowing but why would you want that many?)
If it was windows 2000 , I believe that it allows you to do the same without the sys commander program.
With the older O/S installed on say E or F drive, you should be able to install your flight games on that drive & play to your hearts content till XP have the drivers your looking for.
BANDAID fix..?? sure it is..but what are your options ?? wait 6 months or spend 750 OZ bux..(BTW..that sounds very expensive)

Hope this helps a bit


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