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Tech level: High (on pot?)

From the user reviews on Newegg, on a motherboard I ordered. See if you can spot the problem:


Reviewed By: Metalwolf on 8/23/2007

Tech Level: high - Ownership: less than 1 day
Pros: This board has many features to use. one feature i had a problem with (it was a good problem, read the thoughts below) was the CPU temp. I ordered an AMD athlon 64 X2. I haveny used the board in windows yet so i'll post again if i have any problems in that. Oh, and this is the first board i got, no RMA for this one!
none yet :3
Other Thoughts:
Without a cooling unit the CPU quickly reached 103 C. once it reached 103 it shuts down. my room was already hot so i didnt have much time.annoyed i went to the board health screen. i saw that when it reached 103, surprise, it shuts down. it was a problem for me but it was a GOOD problem.


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yup.. that's about the same as those high level "techs" that work at places like Best Buy/Geek Squad and tell you how you need pay them $300 to run free spyware sweeping software.

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