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TeamSpeak Help - Others Can't Hear Me?


OSNN Junior Addict
Ok here is my problem windows blue screnn of death balh blah blah so i re-install windows and its now all up and running fine (fingers crosed). But when I go to talk on teamspeak I plug the two plugs on my headset into the exact same place on the motherboard but for some very ood reason I can hear fine but the other people can only hear what is comming though my headphones. WTF. Is there some settings i need mess around with or sommthing. Plz help


OSNN Junior Addict
Please any1. Its realy annoying i cant tlk to nobody al they hear is whatever i am hearing though my headset not what i am saying into my mic. there must be an explination for this i mean i have tried every plug in every socket but to no avail. Please people i realy need to get this working


OSNN Advanced
First of all, can YOU hear yourself when you speak into the mic in windows? if you can, have you made sure the keys are configured properly in the game to enable teamspeak?
What Techno said plus:

5) When you reinstall windows you also need to reinstall the MB and sound card drivers. If you did not the Mic may not be supported.
6) Also make sure DX9 is installed and the latest version.
7) go into the Master volume panel and make sure Mic and waveform are unchecked (on) and volume sliders are all set about 2/3 of the way up.

If none of that works reinstall teamspeak. Not every install attempt is successful.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Use the audio setup wizard in windows messenger or msn messenger that will set up your mic and headset .. after that its just a queston of setting up teamspeak and if your not sure how to well just ask someone in teamspeak to go over the settings they are using.


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Np guys I used shamus macnoob's advice and its all up and running againg thx loads guys. The only fourm that could be bothered to reply :)

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
It was probably the recording settings set to Stereo Mix or Mono Mix instead of Mic which would send what was was comming through the speakers rather then the mic. Changing the recording input to Mic would've fixed it.

Running the MSN Setup audio device did exactly that. Just in case you guys were wondering what the issue was.

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