team of 12 PHP web developers is looking for job


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7 Jan 2009
Good Day,
We are team of 12 PHP web developers and looking for job. We charge $10-$15/hour.

Projects we made.
Form processing solution (site and script)

Form processing solution (site and script)

Conkurent (site)

NeedSecure (site and script)

NeedSecure version 2.0

Rewritten social engine

EasyFormIt (site and script)

Also we offer SEO services.

My best regards.
Valera Vlasyuk
Conkurent LLC team
Good luck with that I guess, if you asking us we currently use Virtuanews and vBulletin and will be switching to the latter completely soon.
Blimey - a team of twelve for around twelve bucks an hour! Can I just have one for a dollar an hour or do you always come as a package? ;)

This does look a bit dodgey - though I did not click through to anything. And this team should work on their grammar, possibly - Personally I think a team of 12 are looking for employment reads a tad more professional. If I were employing someone for php I would still want English to be their first language, not php :p

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