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Team Fortress 2

Electronic Punk

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Okay, here is my theory.
Basically, I don't believe this product is ever going to be released, or at least, not as Team Fortress 2, I think it is far more likely that the engine Valve were building is going to be incorporated into Half-life 2, which will have, either on its release or soon afterwards, counter-strike2 and team fortress2 addons - that would be so cool, and why not?
Valve owns the rights to Team Fortress and Counter-strike, as well as Half-life.

Tho I could be wrong, if some of you remember, very little news was released about Half-life a year before it came out then..WAM :D



maybe.. just maybe it will come out, i WOULD have been happy playing TFC if i didnt have all these problems, sigh i got rid of my cyrix so i could play tfc and cs and stuff better, and now i cant!

but im not too bothered about TF2 cos its not going to be the same style of game as TFC is, its gonna be more like cs, i mean, no rocket jumping, no concing, no sg rodeos :p

il just stick to TFC.. well i can't :|

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