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TDK VeloCD 40/12/48x burner probs...



I have a TDK VeloCD 40/12/48x burner, and I have been having a lot of problems with it lately. I have only been able to burn one succesful cd in probably my last 20 attempts. I am using nero version, have all of my drivers updated, firmware updated, under xp sp1 pro. My system specs are listed below. What is happening is when I try to burn the cd, it will do one of a couple of things. Sometimes while burning the lead in, it will not burn at all, and freeze my cd drive, i cant eject or anything, and I have to restart my computer to get the cd out. Sometimes it will give me a "focus or tracking error" and just stop burning during the lead in. Sometimes it will burn the whole cd, and give me the same error during the lead out. It will also sometimes burn the cd all the way, but when I go to install what is on it, one or more files always seem to be corrupt, no matter what it is I burned. I am using TDK cd's, and have talked with tech support for TDK three times as they have been of no help. I have tried cleaning the drive, and I did everything they told me to, and still no burning. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! Thanks in advance.


this may or may not be the problem, but I hav heard bad things about using the cd lense cleaners on cd burners...something about mis-aligning the heads. I have the exact same type of cd burner and have no problems with it whatsoever...in fact the only junk cd's I have ever made was VCDs that I messed up myself by doing stuff wrong, never a burning problem.

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long live xp0!
format and try again ;D

i have the same burner, i had a similar problem once but i format a lot and that fixed the problem...but thats up to you


I have reformated twice in the last week to try and fix the problem, but that has not worked as of yet. So I am still unsure about what is wrong.

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