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Total Club manager 2003 has been working perfectly for months, until now.
i re-installed 3 times, nothing
re-installed directX9, nothing
re-installed Graphics Card Drivers (nVidia), 43.45 and 44.03 nothing.
installed all patches available for the game in order.
ive tried the game on a lesser computer, and it works perfectly, but i want it to work on this one
any ideas

lol actually forgot to put the problem :eek:
everytime it starts up, i get the splash screen, and it just goes back to the desktop, and then nothing
no forced refresh rates
changed the drivers and nothing.
a no cd crack?
are there any available? i know that ur not allowed to post a link
so i'll try to search myself
*uhum* you could possible check game copy world and put it between www and com, and i maybe think they have a crack there *uhum*

this conversation has never taken place, if you get caught using that you dont know me :p

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