TB Santa Cruz + ECS D6VAA + XP = Winamp skipping



Anyone else have this combo of hardware? I have had the Santa Cruz card on my old KT7A-R before I went dual p3 on my new QUIET rig, yet the Santa Cruz likes making my music skip!

Hm. When I first installed XP, I got blue screens of XP death saying IRQ errors when I had my Santa Cruz in the first PCI slot right below my spiffy new Radeon 8500 agp... so I moved it to the PCI second slot, and now the system is stable but winamp skips with hard drive accessing times... hmph!

I have the latest Via 4-in-1's, the PCI latency patch, newest highpoint drivers for the raid ports... nothing seems to fix it! Also I have tried setting the buffer up in Winamp, but that don't fix it either.

I am about to rip out all of my other pci cards and test the santa cruz on every pci slot, and see if it might just be the 2nd slot making it skip... hm. Any other suggestions?


PS: I love talking about my Santa Cruz when I do live in Santa Cruz, CA as well. =)


first off

try a different player other than winamp and see if it does it still.
winamp might have issues on ur system, if it does it in other players, try getting the latest drivers for your soundcard, as well
as that spiffy new ati vid card. it has been known to mess with sound.make sure you have the latest bios for your mobo. and if you have onboard sound on the mobo u need to disable it. and are you on a raid? if it skips during hd seeking, somthing is not right with the raid setup that is if ur on raid.


also, iforgot

check the winamp options for like the direct sound, wave, ect...
try the different setups, it might be buggin with its current audio

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