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Tax Stimulus!


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This is what I was told: Direct deposits should be going out as we type. If your SSN ends in 00-09 then they will start going out next week. 10-19 the following. etc.


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According to the below chart I should have had my daughters already and mine should be deposited tonight?

Below are the schedules for economic stimulus payments related to tax returns processed by April 15, 2008.

Stimulus Payment Schedule for Tax Returns
Received and Processed by April 15
Direct Deposit Payments
If the last two digits of your Social Security number are:
Your economic stimulus payment deposit should be sent to your bank account by:
00 – 20
May 2
21 – 75
May 9
76 – 99
May 16
Paper Check
If the last two digits of your Social Security number are:
Your check should be in the mail by:
00 – 09
May 16
10 – 18
May 23
19 – 25
May 30
26 – 38
June 6
39 – 51
June 13
52 – 63
June 20
64 – 75
June 27
76 – 87
July 4
88 – 99
July 11
A small percentage of tax returns will require additional time to process and to compute a stimulus payment amount. For these returns, stimulus payments may not be issued in accordance with the schedule above, even if the tax return was processed by April 15.

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