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TaskSwitchXP - great free Alt+Tab replacement

Been using this app for a long time, but a new build was released a few days ago, and it added a whole lot of new stuff.

If you've used and liked the Microsoft Alt+Tab replacement Powertoy before, you'll really appreciate this. It's much more customizable and very responsive, and the new version supports transparency and fade effects if that's your thing.


Site: http://taskswitchxp.sourceforge.net
Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=115098&package_id=124697

I'm using the 2.0 beta. It's very stable, so don't worry about it not being a final build. :)

Edit: Another great little addition to the beta build is instance switching. Let's say you have several Word documents open, a browser window, some IM windows etc, and you only want to switch between the Word documents. While focused on one of the documents, you can just use a key combo (I use Alt+1, since the 1 key is so close to Tab), to switch between just the MS Word instances. Very handy.


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Nifty find. I've been using the powertoy alt+tab replacement on the xp machines at home. Think I'll give this a try.
Just a suggestion to anyone trying it out - take a look at all the available options. There's a lot of stuff you can customize to fit your preferences. :)


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nice net, i thought the microsoftone was amazing, so im taking ur word that this is better, cant wait till its downloaded!:D
Wow! I just saw this post on the TaskSwitchXP forums. There are some amazing things you can do with shortcut keys while you're in Alt+Tab mode. Read this and try them out. :eek:

Hello all!
Just now I've released TaskSwitchXP 2.0 beta 3! In addition to new interface schemes and bugfixes it contains two important changes: context menus and list multiple selections.

Multiple selections:

You can mark some list items as multiple selected by:
- middle click
- Ctrl/Shift + left click
- Shift + arrow keys
- Insert, S (Backspace, D - unmark)

Additional shortcut keys:
A - mark all
Shift+A - unmark all
Ctrl+A - mark all instances of selected app
Ctrl+Shift+A - unmark all instances of selected app

You can also mark/unmark all items simply double-clicking on a blank area.

Task Context Menu:

You can access this menu by right-clicking on a list item or on preview area. It enable you to do the following:
- Switch To (Space, Enter)
- Minimize (M, F2)
- Minimize to Tray (N, F3)
- Cascade (C)
- Tile Horizontally (H)
- Tile Vertically (V)
- Restore (<, F6)
- Maximize (>, F7)
- Close (X, F4)
- End Process (T, F8)

There are only three commnads that you can run not closing TaskSwitchXP: Minimize, Minimize to Tray and End Process!!!

Main Context Menu:

You can access this menu by right-clicking on a blank area. It enable you to do the following:
- Show/Hide Process Info (F1, I)
- Select All (A)
- Select None (Shift+A)
- Remove Selected (Delete)
- Sort by Title (-, F9)
- Sort by Application (+, F10)

Other shortcut keys:
E - explore .exe path of selected app
R, F5 - update task preview
Ctrl+[Shift]+Tab - jump to next/previous instance
`~ - jump to previous task
App - show task context menu
1, ..., 9, 0 - select task number 1, ..., 9, 10


High On Life!
i honestly cant remember all of those, i find it better if i find them out on my own so they stick in my mind, i tried to rep u net, but i have to rep some other people first, so ill be reping u soon i love the program Thanks mate!
Yeah, you obviously won't be able to remember all of them. :D
Some of the more commonly used ones are pretty easy to remember (for example, F4 for close application etc.). Once you start using them more often, you'll remember them automatically. They're extremely handy though.

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