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TaskManager Not Working


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I noticed about a week ago that my taskmanager was not working. What made me notice it was that my Norton didn't virus scan when it was scheduled, nor did it perform a disk defrag when i told it too. After playing around with the schedules to test that it actually wasn't running (like telling it to run in 2 days) i concluded that it was just dead. Is there anyway that i can get it going again? I checked services.msc and i made sure that it was an enabled service (Automatic) and it's dependencies are on Automatic too. I figured that reinstalling XP would solve the problem, but getting my vid cards to work is a pain in the rump. System restore is out, because I can't be sure when it actually stopped working. Any ideas out there?


Look in your Services and make sure the Protected Storage Service is running. It should be started, and set to start automatically. If it isn't, start it, and set it to start automatically. This is usually the reason for Scheduled Tasks not working correctly.


...will circle this city
Thanks for the reply Jim. Protected Storage Service is both running, and set to automatic. Anyone have any different ideas?

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