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Taskbar help

brainurism again. :confused:
I've gone to properties and set my icon shortcuts to appear in my toolbar, but they won't appear there unless I manually set them up each time I log on. Any suggestions..


If you're talking about icons in the notification area (bottom right corner of the screen) then uncheck the "hide inactive icon" in the taskbar properties, all icons will be displayed.

If you mean the shortcuts like in the QuickLaunch bar, be sure that your shurtcut folder is accessible from your account or try to create another similar toolbar via rightclick on taskbar, Toolbars, New Toolbar...

hope this will help!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Clean it out & start fresh>

How To Clear the Past Items or Icons List in the TaskBar

1.Open Regedit Navigate to:


2.Delete the IconStreams and PastIconsStream values

3.Open Task Manager, click the Processes tab, click Explorer.exe , and then click End Process .

4.In Task Manager, click Applications, click New Task , type explorer , and then click OK .

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