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Taskbar doesnt keep my height setting?


OSNN Junior Addict
Ok, here is my question.. I like having my taskbar at double the normal height.. but my problem is that when i restart my computer it always reverts back to single height and i have to set it each time i boot up.. does anyone know how to fix this or where in the registry the taskbar height is located?? I have tried locking the taskbar and everything... it just wont stick!
- Mike


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
I have used a double height taskbar for sometime and i have have found that certain visual styles will reset the taskbar height at startup. Its damn annoying and has made me reject many themes


OSNN Junior Addict
I used to work for me.. but i dont remember when it exactly stoped working. And it doesnt work on any of my themes... not even the default XP Themes.. errrr.. there has got to be a registry entry or something for it
- Mike
Is it locked? (may be silly question, you've prolly tried that)

Try disabling theme service, and rebooting - see if it resets it. If it doesn't, you know it's the theme that's knocking it back to default.


OSNN Junior Addict
I tried the theme thing, didnt fix it.. and i have tried locking it and unlocking it a bazillion times.. each reboot its back to single height
- Mike

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