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Task timings and identification


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OK - now this is not something I often have need of - but...

every once in a blue moon I will have mutiple applications running (TN3270 as it happens) and maybe up to fiove instances as a max....

then my VPN connection may drop, rare but the server can do this...

then I cannot terminate the app any other way than from Task Manager... it is just coded that way -0 I know it is wrong but there it is...

SOOOoooo I have to terminate from task manager - but selectively - all APPs are named TN3270 and yet hold different sessions. The question is I can identify them by the time they were started so how can I tell which is which by time in Task Manager?

Answers will be repped if they work!


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Not quite sure I understand your question, but if you are looking to find out the time and how long something has been running, do this -

In Task Manager, click on View -> Select Columns

Check the box for CPU Time, like so

Then your task manager will have a running count with a new column, like so -

Hope that helps.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
cool - guess you understood OK since that works fine and dandy - Why I did not know that I have no idea (was pretty intuitive too!)
Ack - why can I not rep you though? have to spread and though I had spread a lot lately too!


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go give someone some random rep love then rep kc..

btw, the cpu time is not really a measure of how long something has been running. It's just a measure of how much CPU time it has taken. For example: Lets's say I start up a folding client at 8 in the morning and set it to use 10% of my CPU, then I startup another folding client at 10am and set it use 90% of my CPU

My noon, the one I started at 10am will have a larger "CPU time" number even though I started it later.

Just something to be aware of

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