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Task Scheduler on 2003 doesn't work, other programs?


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Hey guys,

On one of our domain controllers here (Windows 2003 Server Standard Sp1) we have had two tasks scheduled to run, every day, 1 at 2am, the other at 7am. However, the tasks don't seem to run correctly! There is nothing in the error log as to why they don't run, you can just see that by the run time they are a few days behind and don't change. Last thing I did was setup 2 more jobs to run this batch file on the 17th (they were supposed to run the 18th), they both ran when they should have on the 18th, and never ran again (now it's the 20th).

Creating two new jobs didn't work. Is there any other program we can use to perform the same operation, schedule either 1 task to run 2 different times a day, or 2 seperate tasks to run 2 seperate times? Also, just need to report that I just noticed task scheduler isn't failing completely. The tasks that we've been setting up to run this one batch file still say running, but haven't run for a few days since I created it. We do have one job, an incremental backup that runs every two hours: That's been running like a champ under task scheduler.

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