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Tape Back Up?

Ok, wazzzzz up with tape back ups not being compatible with XP? Any ideas on how to find a fix for this? Is this a software incompatibility? Win98 seems to be the last patable for the ol tape drives. I found one in the back forty covered in dust begging to be used. So i blew off the dust and thought id ask to see if the answer to the revival of the tape drive lies here at OSNN.
It would beat the heck out of 7 cds or more!
And floppys? self explanatory! Anyone want to add to this? frogg


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huh? news to me! Tell us more about this tape drive you just blew the dust off - is it DAT? I did not know there was any problem using suchlike devices with XP... A friend of mine has one and I could ask him if I know more about yours - have to say this friend uses Linux and (you guessed it) Win98 more than XP though!
What type of tape drive indeed. If you are using a Travan/QIC tape drive which used IDE or FDC as their interface (or externals using Parallel Port), then you will surely run into issues. Reason is that they require an additional 'shuttle port' or SCSI emulation driver, which is not available for Windows XP, and no one plans on making one either. I know Seagate makes some Travan drives with a USB interface, and those should work.
Any SCSI DAT/DLT/LTO drive should work in XP without issues.
If you are using a 3rd party SW such as Veritas Backup Exec, Computer Associates ARCServ/BrightStor, Yosemite Technologies Tapeware (to name a few), then it is recommended that you disable the Removable Storage service via Start, Run, 'services.msc' as this is used by the native Windows backup and can cause issues as two programs fight to control one device. As always, be sure to check both HW and SW manufacturers to ensure that you are using a correct configuration. model of SCSI card is often very important with tape drives as different technologies use different standards - a card that is too slow for your drive will cause backups to fail, as will a card that is too FAST for your drive (can cause shoe-shining effect, not making efficient use of HW buffers.)
If you have any specific questions, I can try to answer them to the best of my knowledge, I used to support HP drives.


themafia_69 said:
ok when was 250mb 3 times more than a cd? a cd holds from 650 to 900mb these days
I believe E-kLiPsE was saying that he could fit 3x more data on a CD that he could on his tape drive.

I used to have a tape drive on my network to back up my critical servers, but I have since changed to a Tivoli-type system that uses a RAID 5 HD cluster on a NAS.


When HVD's hit the US, I might look into one to store my survellience stuff. I mean, 1TB of space on a single disc... I could replace a lot of crap I got with that. *Ponders* I can't even imaging what I would do with a disc that could store a TB of space unless it was an HVD-RW. I have one movie here, data there, backups here, another 10 movies there, a crap load of stuff all over the place, and let's not even talk about searching through it all...


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My old Colorado drive works fine for XP Pro backup, its scsi though. I didn't have to install any drivers, it was supported.

It should be noted however, it DOESN"T show up in My computer. Only in computer management and in the backup software the XP provides.

At work here I use a partition on the server then back that up to a Maxtor One Touch, the price of tape and the drive killed the idea, not to mention the speed.

Maxtor One Touch


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