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Taking forever for webpage to come up.



Well, I went to dsl reports speed test to see if it was my isp, but its fine. Its taking at least 5-6 times as long for a webpage to come up. Any help would be appreciative.

Thanks for responses.


Yes, there have been other problems.

One is when I boot up to my desktop, it takes at least 30-40 seconds before I can open any applications, such as IE. I can open my Start menu fine.

Another problem I've noticed is an inordinate amount of cant display pages and problem trying to go to a previous page on IE.

These problems are somewhat recent too, but the opening of webpages once I actually have IE open happened today.
taking forever for web pages to come up

I had a similar problem with slow loading and time outs etc., & all I could relate it to was the installation of recent updates from the windows update site. After consultation with M/soft tech's (free if you can relate the prob to a recent critical update) I did a system restore to a point in time prior to the installation of directx 9.0b and the new network TCP/IP stack and the problem went away.
I've not as yet attempted to re-install either of these updates to see which of them may have been the culprit if any.
Hope this helps :) walkabout.

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