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Take the Leap?

It seems it is that time again Windows xp gets messed up and eventally needs to be reformated every now and then. Right now I am running regular 32 bit windows xp pro and I am getting errors in event viewer and chkdsk looping which seems to never go away no matter what I try. (even a solution that I posted in another thread but it still happens) Its always nice to have a fresh OS install every ~6 months or so.

Anyway I want to reformat but I am thinking about putting on x64 windows since I have a 3200+ I mainly play HL mods and UT2004 which from what I have heard works fine. I have a 9800 pro video card and it looks like there are drivers for that that work well. My motherboard is a Asus K8V SE Deluxe and it looks like via has released beta x64 drivers also.

So do you think it is ok for regular everyday use? Also what about stability and compatility wise?
Keep in mind while you will get more performance out of your OS with Windows XP 64 on a 64bit chip, you really won't get much more performance from your 32bit applications.

Shamus MacNoob

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Yes there is the catch the real gains are in some and only some 64bit true applications and I dont use any lol

So even though we have 2 AMD 64's here I still have not moved on it.

Electronic Punk

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Kinda up in the air about it all. Been talking to Ryan Hoffman alot and we have come up with two reasons why 32bit Operating Systems might run 32bit applications faster (the obvious reason that it might be slower is emulation, its running on top of something)

- Memory Management is better (easy one)
- *cut from my blog* Faster background processes. This is where I confuse myself. Say you have quite a few programs open, running multiple processes. Well, there is no such thing as multitasking on a single core processor so little parts of different processes are running after each other so it seems like multitasking is happening. Suppose you are running a 32bit application on a 64bit OS and the OS is attempting to run it's own processes at the same time as your 32bit application, the 64bit application will run faster than its 32bit predecessor, leaving more CPU time for the 32bit process. It's thin I know, but it makes sense.

Everyone will migrate to 64bit sooner or later, it just so happens that this time around alot more people are using 32bit OS than were using 16bit when 32bit OS's were released - either that or the advantages are not so obvious (show me the games! - tho apparently chronicles of riddick is not only compatible but will run in native mode!), but why should the change from 32bit to 64bit be any less amazing than the change from 16bit to 32bit. (might have to quote that one for my next blog)... har.

Final thing that worries me is the mess, it may not be the case as I don't have a direct understanding of how all the system files fall into place these days but there would now seem to be 2 or 3 system folders, one for 64bit (no really) and one that will emulate 32 modes and 16 bit modes not only that but two program files directories, it just seems a bit messy and hacked together. But I could be wrong, I have looked at alot of developer-worked machines and they have files all over the place. I just like to keep things tidy, but I will have to resist the urge to remove stuff that I don't think belongs.

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